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EU MEPs Back New Direction For Taxing Aviation's Emissions,
by Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels
Friday, October 20, 2017
Members of the European Parliament have preliminarily agreed to continue with the aviation industry's current treatment under the EU's emissions trading scheme to allow for the development of a new industry-specific carbon tax arrangement. [ FULL STORY ]
Mexico To Hike Tax Thresholds In Line With Inflation,
by Mike Godfrey,, Washington
Friday, October 20, 2017
Mexico is to increase individual income tax thresholds, as there has been double-digit inflation since they were last updated. [ FULL STORY ]
OECD To Hold Two-Day Transfer Pricing Consultation,
by Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels
Friday, October 20, 2017
Stakeholders are being invited to attend a two-day event at the OECD Conference Center in Paris to discuss base erosion and profit shifting measures on transfer pricing. [ FULL STORY ]
23/10/2017  UK Guides On New Tax Avoidance Enablers Penalty Law
23/10/2017  Bahraini Ministers Approve GCC's Selective Excise Tax
23/10/2017  Denmark To Support SMEs To Spot Tax Errors
20/10/2017  Canadian Tweaks Reforms To Taxation Of Passive Investment
20/10/2017  Bermuda's New Premier Fires Back At 'Tax Haven' Accusations
20/10/2017  HMRC Reports Improvement In Bank Tax Culture
20/10/2017  OECD Supporting Georgia On BEPS Implementation
20/10/2017  Panama To Go Ahead With Property Tax Changes
20/10/2017  Switzerland Announces CbC Reporting Start Dates
19/10/2017  Round Four Of NAFTA Talks End
19/10/2017  Portugal Plans Tax On Salty Foods
19/10/2017  OECD's Action 5 BEPS Work Producing 'Tangible Results'
19/10/2017  New Zealand Releases GST Zero Rate Guide
19/10/2017  Grenada Gears Up For FATCA
19/10/2017  Brazil's Rio De Janeiro To Levy 'Netflix Tax'
19/10/2017  Australia Clarifies Tax Rules For Passive Investment Companies
18/10/2017  Canadian Gov't Commits To SME Tax Cut
18/10/2017  IRS Budget Cuts Have Hit Enforcement Work: TIGTA
18/10/2017  New Zealand Issues Guidance On Biannual GST Filing
18/10/2017  OECD's Gurria Calls For Collective Action On Digital Taxation
18/10/2017  UK Firms Respond To UK's Post-Brexit Trade Strategy
18/10/2017  UK Tax Professionals Call For Trusts Register Delay
17/10/2017  BCA: Aus Company Tax Rate Damaging Competitiveness
17/10/2017  EFTA And Ecuador Make Progress Towards FTA
17/10/2017  HMRC Wins Over Tax Scheme Promoter That Dodged DOTAS
17/10/2017  New Japan-Denmark DTA To Waive Cross-Border Tax
17/10/2017  BEPS Webcast Scheduled For October 17


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