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As Talks Start, NAFTA Border States Urge Compromise,
by Mike Godfrey,, Washington
Thursday, August 17, 2017
Mayors from the border towns between the United States and Mexico, and the United States and Canada have called for a modernized North American Free Trade Agreement to remain in place. [ FULL STORY ]
Australia Passes Wine Equalisation Tax Rebate Bill,
by Mary Swire,, Hong Kong
Thursday, August 17, 2017
The Australian Government has passed legislation that will tighten the eligibility criteria for the Wine Equalisation Tax rebate and prevent the rebate being claimed multiple times on the same wine. [ FULL STORY ]
E.ON Gets EUR2.85bn German Nuclear Tax Refund,
by Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels
Thursday, August 17, 2017
E.ON, the energy utilities provider, has announced an improvement in its financial position as a result of a substantial refund of Germany's nuclear power tax, which was recently overturned by a court. [ FULL STORY ]
18/08/2017  EU, Switzerland To Link Emissions Trading Systems
18/08/2017  Irish FM Criticizes EU Demand For Apple Taxes
18/08/2017  IRS Penalties For Tax Mistakes Rise By 33pc
18/08/2017  Swiss Tax Planners Agree US Non-Prosecution Agreement
17/08/2017  UK Issues Guidance On Preparing CbC Reports
17/08/2017  UK Trying To Avoid Customs Border With Ireland
17/08/2017  Think Tank Warns Of Challenges For Canada In NAFTA Talks
17/08/2017  Sri Lanka Should Plug Revenue Holes: IMF
17/08/2017  German Prosecutors Investigating Swiss Tax 'Spies'
17/08/2017  China Rejects EU Tire 'Dumping' Accusations
17/08/2017  Action Urged From UK Gov't On Property Sector Taxation
16/08/2017  EU Considering New Sanctions For 'Tax Havens'
16/08/2017  Canadian Foreign Minister Explains NAFTA Priorities
16/08/2017  Australia's Federal Gov't Fears Trade Retaliation
16/08/2017  Indonesia To Slash Taxes On Large Passenger Cars
15/08/2017  US IRS Now Accepting CbC Reports
15/08/2017  Aus Opposition To Introduce Tax Transparency Bill
15/08/2017  EU, Apple 'Nearing Deal' On Tax Dispute
15/08/2017  German Nuclear Tax Refund Boosts RWE's Bottom Line
15/08/2017  OECD Publishes Feedback On Tax Convention Changes
15/08/2017  Pakistan Sees Leap In Taxpayer Numbers
14/08/2017  Brazil Aims To Slash Tax Compliance Burden
14/08/2017  Canada Steps Up NAFTA Preparations
14/08/2017  EU To Discuss New Proposals For Tackling Tax Avoidance
14/08/2017  Iraq Should Boost Non-Oil Tax Revenue: IMF
14/08/2017  Ireland 'The Next Topic' In Brexit Talks: UK
14/08/2017  Luxembourg Legislates For New IP Box Regime


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