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EU Unveils Proposals On Digital Taxation,
by Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels
Friday, September 22, 2017
The European Commission has published its vision for the "fair taxation" of the digital economy, with options including a new EU equalization tax on the turnover of digitalized companies. [ FULL STORY ]
Spanish Tax On Wind Turbines Lawful, ECJ Says,
by Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels
Friday, September 22, 2017
The European Court of Justice has dismissed taxpayers' complaints about a Spanish levy on wind turbines. [ FULL STORY ]
OECD Expands Consultation On Offshore Indirect Transfers Of Assets,
by Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels
Friday, September 22, 2017
The World Bank has released French and Spanish translations of its Toolkit on the taxation of offshore indirect transfers and extended the deadline for feedback to October 20. [ FULL STORY ]
25/09/2017  ATO Publishes Figures On 'Lost' Super
25/09/2017  Australia, Indonesia Pushing To Conclude Trade Deal
22/09/2017  Australia, Indonesia Agree To Tariff Cuts
22/09/2017  Cairn Confirms Final Hearing Date In Indian Tax Dispute
22/09/2017  Luxembourg Adapting To International Tax Changes, Says S And P
22/09/2017  Malaysia To Legislate To Slap GST On Foreign Sellers
22/09/2017  Scottish Opposition Generally Favors Income Tax Changes
21/09/2017  Canada-EU Free Trade Deal Applies From September 21
21/09/2017  EU Moving Forward With Digital Company Tax Plans
21/09/2017  France Unveils Clean Energy Plan
21/09/2017  UK Gig Economy Workers Warned About Looming Tax Deadline
21/09/2017  UK To Support Fast-Growing Mid-Sized Firms On Tax
20/09/2017  EU Proposes Framework For Screening FDI
20/09/2017  HMRC To Narrow Scope Of Bank Levy
20/09/2017  Japan, Brazil Sign Customs Cooperation Pact
20/09/2017  OECD Criticizes Estonia's Dividend Tax Measure
20/09/2017  Pakistan Seeks Tax Enforcement Help From Big Business
20/09/2017  UK, Canada To Secure FTA Immediately After Brexit
19/09/2017  Australia Clarifies Small Business Rate Rules
19/09/2017  EU Seeking FTAs With Australia, New Zealand
19/09/2017  EU To Cut Min Import Price On Chinese Solar Panels
19/09/2017  Romania And Uruguay Sign Social Security Agreement
19/09/2017  Swiss Bankers Urge Care In Information Exchange
19/09/2017  Trump Looks To Democrats To Shore Up Tax Reform Push
19/09/2017  US Hearing On Improving IRS Appeals Process
18/09/2017  Australia Announces Tax Breaks For Affordable Housing Investments
18/09/2017  EU's PANA Committee Visits Switzerland


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