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Corporate Services in Hong-Kong: Why and How?

Contributed by
January 17, 2017

Hong Kong is a business haven for companies that want to grow rapidly and expand to China, South East Asia and globally. Because of its stable political system, robust financial system, and business-driven economy, it is an ideal place to form a company and use it as a vehicle for international trade. Note that all businesses conducted abroad can operate tax-free because the profits are made away from Hong Kong.

To get your company set up, take advantage of the great operational environment, and grow rapidly; what you need are corporate services. First, let us get a deeper insight on corporate services: How and why?

Incorporating companies in Hong Kong

To operate from or do business in Hong Kong, you are required to incorporate a company. Experts assist incorporating private limited liability companies by crafting for you a memorandum of understanding, article of association, statutory books, minutes of board meetings, and other documents. These are presented to the company registry for faster registration.

Getting a registered office and resident secretary

One of the main requirements for company registration is that you must have a physical address and resident secretary. Well, this can be a challenge especially when you are abroad because you would need to travel all the way to Hong Kong and start searching in the diverse city. However, corporate services include getting you all the secretarial services for the company. Note that this includes all the tasks that the company requires such as preparation of returns for filing at the company registry, preparing requisite minutes of board meetings and statutory book maintenance.

Opening a bank account

Once a company has been issued with a certificate of incorporation, the next step before operations can commence is opening a bank account. This has been a tricky issue because of the emerging stringent requirements. Corporate services will consolidate all the necessary documents and explanations to get the bank account for your company opened.

Auditing and payroll services

As a company, you have to get the books right because they must be presented to the Inland Revenue Department at the close of the financial year. Experts facilitate this by arranging with an auditor so that you will always be on the positive side of the law. Besides, experts also provide payroll services as well as MPF to all clients so that they can concentrate on growing the business with the assurance that everything is okay.

Visa application, business entry, and expansion

Whether you are at startup or have been trading for some time, experts can also assist you in visa application. Whether you want a working permit, capital investment scheme, or Investment visa, they will advise you to make the right decision and ensure you get through successfully.

To enter and expand in Hong Kong and Entire Asia, experts also support clients in every step. You can always count on them for expert market consulting, outsourcing services, and projects management at any stage of business growth.

To enter Hong Kong and blossom fast, the best leverage is corporate services. They are readily available, easy to get, offered professionally, and come with the guarantee for top notch results.


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