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German Road Toll A Tax On Foreign Motorists,
by Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels
Last updated 18 hours ago | Sunday, December 21, 2014
The German Cabinet on December 17 approved a plan to introduce a new road toll, despite a warning from the European Commission that the plans could breach European Union law. [ FULL STORY ]
US Wind Tax Credit Extension Gives 'Brief Opportunity' ,
by Mike Godfrey,, Washington
Last updated 18 hours ago | Sunday, December 21, 2014
While the United States wind energy industry sector has welcomed the inclusion of the production tax credit within the recent one-year renewal of the package of tax extenders, it has been pointed out that it only provides a very short period for projects to be started. [ FULL STORY ]
Indian Cabinet Clears Bill To Introduce GST,
by Mary Swire,, Hong Kong
Last updated 18 hours ago | Sunday, December 21, 2014
At its meeting on December 17, India's Cabinet approved the Constitutional Amendment Bill that would allow for the introduction of a goods and services tax in India. The Bill will now be tabled before Parliament. [ FULL STORY ]
22/12/2014  Few Changes In British Virgin Islands' 2015 Budget
22/12/2014  World Bank Advises Croatia On Tax Reform
19/12/2014  Commission To Probe All EU Advance Tax Rulings
19/12/2014  UK Diverted Profits Tax 'Interesting' But Renegade: OECD
19/12/2014  Scotland To Ensure Efficient Collection Of New Taxes
19/12/2014  UK Gov't Paper Released On English Tax Powers
19/12/2014  Hatch Outlines His Comprehensive Tax Reform Principles
19/12/2014  World Bank Head Pushes Carbon Tax Policies
19/12/2014  Apple App Store Impacted By EU VAT Change
19/12/2014  Luxembourg To Be Compensated For EU VAT Change
18/12/2014  US Business Attacks Proposed UK Diverted Profits Tax
18/12/2014  Two Swiss VAT Rule Changes From January 1
18/12/2014  WTO Head Urges Members To Remain Actively Engaged On ITA
18/12/2014  EFTA States Plan Response To TTIP
18/12/2014  Seychelles Budget Increases Taxes To Attain Debt Target
18/12/2014  Japan Finalizes Plans For Corporate Tax Rate Cut
18/12/2014  Think Tank Analyzes Impact Of Irish Budget Tax Reforms
17/12/2014  US VAT Proposal Floated In The Senate
17/12/2014  HMRC In Accelerated Payment Notice Update
17/12/2014  Serbia Promises Consistent Business Taxes
17/12/2014  Grounds For Irish Tax Ruling Probe, Says Vestager
17/12/2014  Philippines Expands Mandatory e-Filing
17/12/2014  South Africa Issues Public Benefit Organisation Tax Guide
17/12/2014  FTA Unlocks Korean Market For Australian Exporters
16/12/2014  Google News Withdraws From Spain Over New Tax
16/12/2014  HMRC Aggressively Pursuing VAT From Small Firms
16/12/2014  More IRS Action Sought On Improper Tax Credit Payments

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